Gratitude Journal

Living an Attitude of Gratitude

Day 1,059

Today I am thankful:

For being able to eat without too much pain.

For a beautifully quiet day.

Because I didn’t need a nap today.

Day 1,058

Today I am thankful:

For lots of sleep. I think I slept more than I was awake today.

Because tomorrow I’ll have a PET scan and I’m keeping my fingers, and everything else, crossed that there are no new surprises.

For healthy sodas – I know that sound like an oxymoron, but it’s better than the major brands stuffed full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, and who knows what else.

Day 1,057

Today I am thankful:

That I finally caught Spud ‘singing’ and filmed it. He’s such a ham.

For the almost half inch of rain we had today.

Because I’m improving – finally. I used to be a patient person, but my patience seems to have evaporated lately.

Day 1,056

Today I am thankful:

That I didn’t need hydration; I’m eating, well, drinking, lots of soup, and that seems to be enough. Between the soups and the ‘gelatin’ (which is vegan), and the chocolate boost, I’m doing okay. My throat is still sore, but manageable at the moment. I think I’m on the upward trend.

For Costco’s Lobster Bisque – a rare treat.

Because there’s rain in the forecast tomorrow!

Day 1,055

Today I am thankful:

For Virgil’s orange cream soda. It seems to be one of the few things that really does soothe my throat. We rarely drink soda, and we thought the Jamaica Ginger Beer we usually buy might be too harsh. The cream soda seems to be just right.

For Spud, who seems to be a little freaked out lately. He has reverted to his juvenile behavior of marking and not paying attention. Time for him to get some extra special attention.

Because I’m getting closer to being able to eat, and that’s exciting!!

Day 1,054

Today I am thankful;

That I only needed half the hydration today.

Because my throat is better but still somewhat sore.

Because tomorrow I can reduce my pain patch.

Day 1,053

Today I am thankful:

For another visit with my team. There is marginal improvement since yesterday, but that’s better than going backward.

For more fluids for hydration. I’m hoping soon to not need it because I’ll be eating and drinking normally.

Because it’s still warm – mid 70s daytime, then mid 40s at night, so I don’t have cold weather to contend with, too.

Day 1,052

Today I am thankful:

For hydration. It makes me feel marginally better.

Because I can doze and do nothing while letting the fluids do their thing,

For new medications that might help. I’m at the point I’ll try pretty much anything.

Day 1,051

Today I am thankful:

Because I accomplished drinking a whole container of ‘supplemental nutrition’. It took all day, but I persisted and did it. Progress.

Because the throat pain seems to have moved higher, which means it should be easier to hit with the lidocaine concoction.

Because I slept well last night but still feel as if I could fall asleep now.

Day 1,050

Today I am thankful:

For new meds to try, and new nutritional supplements so I’m at least getting something.

For the half inch of rain we had yesterday.

Because we were able to stay up way past midnight last night to watch the Bruce Springsteen Tribute Concert – loved it.

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