Gratitude Journal

Living an Attitude of Gratitude

Day 927

Today I am thankful:

For the increase in butterflies in our yard. Perhaps having water for them is helping increase the population.

For Post-It Notes; they are so handy and useful for all kinds of things.

For the courage to post a picture of me on Facebook.


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13 thoughts on “Day 927

  1. saundragoodman on said:

    Yes, that was courageous and I’m so glad you’re a woman of courage!

  2. I’ve read that if you put out shallow bowls of water for butterflies, it good to add a rock that allows them to get right down to the surface of the water without having to go into it as the birds do.

    • We have a pot saucer filled with pebbles. It’s under the enormous tree in our front yard, so it’s shaded most of the day. We fill it up morning and evening – the birds like it and so do the bees.

      • I am so glad that you did! Post a photo of you on Fb! Now I can see you! And you look lovely! And angry! Ready to take on anyone or anything that life throws at you! Exactly as I have been going on about all this time: you are fighter! A don’t mess with me woman! If course it can be the moment! But it’s there .. your courage and energy! Thank you for your photo! Happy to meet you, face to face 🙂

        I love post its! Couldn’t manage without them!

        Good night, Ruth, from over here in Sweden! I hope you can rest well this night! ❤️

      • I didn’t think I looked angry – determined maybe. I was just trying to get a good shot with my cellphone camera. 🙂

        Good night to you, Iva. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get together? All us Boomer Babes Sister-Friends? If we wish it enough, it could happen. ❤

  3. I love seeing the picture of you today! And I get how courageous it was of you to post it. Thank you!

    And I use post-its constantly, mainly to mark recipes in magazines that I rarely ever remember to look up again, LOL. But they’re handy to have around.

  4. Ruth, did you have your chemo today? How did that go?

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