Gratitude Journal

Living an Attitude of Gratitude

Day 997

Today I am thankful:

For chips and dip: French Onion Dip in a packet that gets mixed with sour cream. It’s something I haven’t had in ages.

For file cabinets. They help us stay organized.

For pens – we have enough pens to open a store – I don’t know where they all came from. I probably should weed out the ones that don’t work any more and aren’t refillable.


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6 thoughts on “Day 997

  1. That dip was my mother’s absolute favorite. Wavy potato chips, too — because they’re stronger and can hold more dip. When she was in the hospital once, they had her on a heart healthy diet, and she was miffed. She asked me to bring her some of that dip and chips, and I did. Her nurse pretended not to see.

    • I’m a firm believer in moderation in all things. If I want chips and dip I’m going to have chips and dip.

      • Good for you, Ruth! I think as we get older also, we figure, what the heck. Our bodies aren’t going to be around forever anyway. So … Something’s can just become to be ok now. Like chips and dip .. BTW, my favorite too .. That special dip. And you have to have them with the wrinkley chips! Absolutely no others will do! I totally agree! The wrinkles catch the dip so well.

        Such a simple idea … File cabinets! Of course! I have room for them now since we cleaned out our whole apartment for Manson. I have been complaining of no room for my papers for years! But now I have it! Perfect timing, Ruth! This just may be my winter project … And surviving my winter walks in ice and snow with my puppy. 😉. I am quite worried about the latter. 😍

        We have practically no pens due to our big clean out and our being quite computerized now. We are down to 2 pens, I think … from about 100! I had a good friend who supplied us. She worked at a pen making place 😊

      • Put studs on the soles of your shoes, Iva. 😀

  2. PS. I hate doing paper work of any kind. Let’s see if those filing cabinets get done. I may buy them. But then I need to do the organizing work. I am breaking out in a rash already!😱

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