Gratitude Journal

Living an Attitude of Gratitude

Day 1,014

Today I am thankful:

For playing hide and seek with Spud. Sometimes, I’ll go into another room while he’s outside and stay very still and quiet while he goes from room to room to find me. And then he gets happy and does his pogo stick impersonation.

Because we took advantage of the last warm day for a while and bathed Peanut. Well, Steve did while I kept Spud occupied.

Because it’s the last day of October, and I can start writing tomorrow for NaNoWriMo, even though I have no idea what I’m going to write.


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7 thoughts on “Day 1,014

  1. Oh i know the pogo stick imitation! You could say that he looks like a rabbit hopping in high grass. Yes? They almost look like crazy cats too :-).

    Could you post some pics of your dogs? Or you could send them to my email? Would that be ok? I would love to get to know them!

    What if you wrote about your life with your dogs? Stories? Do a children’s book with them as your main characters? Is that allowed? Good Luck with your writing!

  2. Well, look at you! NaNoWriMo participant! If (if..if..if..) I weren’t working, I might give it a try, but I couldn’t do it and my blog too. On the other hand – maybe I’ll make up my own LoShoStoMo activity. That would be Local Short Story Month.

    Just remember – chocolate erodes writing blocks!

    • The 2 years I did it, I was also working full time and kept up with my blogs. So this year should be much easier since I’m not working now. But I’ll have to fight the fatigue and lack of focus from chemo. So I’ll just keep plodding along. 😀

  3. Your hide-and-seek games sound so fun! And funny!

    I’m glad you’re writing again. Do you have an official quota of words you have to write each day or can you write as much (or little) as your fatigue and focus allow and still be in the game?

    • It’s 50,000 words for the month. That’s 1,666 words a day. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is. I’ve been writing off and on and have 535 so far, but neuropathy in the left hand is making it hard to type.

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